Golf / Driving Ranges

Phuket offers Thailand's best selection of golf courses, the number of which is continually increasing. Standards are high, courses are well–maintained and excellent facilities are offered.
Below are details of the closest course to Sapphire Villa, Phunaka Golf Course.

This recently opened, exceptional 9 hole golf course and 56 bay driving range with Club House facilities, golf academy, fitness room, karaoke rooms and fully stocked pro– shop, is the only golf course on the Island, which offers "Night Golf" on a flood lit course.
The course is ground breaking, designed to challenge all levels of play, by providing a great learning experience for beginners and a chance to practice all shapes of shots for advanced players.
Open day and night, the course features par 3s ranging from 100 to 190 yards, with a short and a medium par 4 and a real par 5, players will find a use for every club in the bag.Equipment is available for rent if you have not brought your own.

Night Golf – playing by floodlight, is attractive to those tourists, beginners, and senior golfers alike who may prefer a cooler time of day to shoot a short round, or those players who work during the day but still wish to fit in a game afterwards, not to mention those ladies amongst us who don't want a suntan!

Lessons – Available with British Professional, Oliver Bates:
Prices range from 2,000 – 15,000 baht for different packages.Available with Ampol (BIG), Golf Instructor, Tournament Player, TPGA:
Prices range from 1,600 baht – 13,000 baht for different packages.
Driving Range – The most spectacular 330 yards 56 bay driving range is designed to simulate real golf course play that covers everything from short chip to the full drive.

Price: 40 Balls (1 coupon) = 60 Baht (Member rate 48 baht)Book of 20 coupons = 960 Baht (Member rate 840 baht)

The Short Game Area – ideal for practicing putting, chip and pitch shots from all possible slops and surfaces, promoting distance control from all possible lies.

Situated in the lush greenery at the base of the hills where Big Buddha resides, a couple of minutes past Chalong Circle heading north towards the airport, Phunaka Golf Course is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the Villa.